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A Whisky Sour For Whisky Lovers

A Whisky Sour For Whisky Lovers


The Whisky Sour is a classic winter cocktail, perfect for drinking next to a roaring fire, with a good book in hand after a long day’s work.


The Whisky Sour is a classic winter cocktail, perfect for drinking next to a roaring fire, with a good book in hand after a long day’s work. Originally the preferred drink for sailors in the British Navy, this old-school recipe has been warming up its drinkers for hundreds of years. At UrbanBar, it’s one of our favourites for when we want a stiff, no-nonsense drink with plenty of flavour. Learn how we like ours with this traditional Whisky Sour recipe.

What Is a Whisky Sour?

As the name suggests, the Whisky Sour is a whisky-based cocktail (who would have guessed!) that’s perfect for those who like a sip of the stronger stuff. Simple to make and with no mixer, it’s perfect for those just entering the world of mixology and is pretty easy to get just right. Expect this drink to pack a punch, though, with one glass usually doing the job!

The History of the Whisky Sour

Long before it became a staple in bars across the world, the Whisky Sour (or something very similar) was drunk by sailors travelling the globe. The story goes that it came about after citrus fruits, like oranges and lemons, were brought on board ships to help combat the nasty effects of scurvy - a disease caused by a lack of vitamin C. Healthy as ever, the sailors decided to mix their citrus with whisky for a delicious, scurvy-fighting cocktail that would keep them preppy on long journeys. 

In 1862, the Whisky Sour made its way off of ships and into the arms of popular culture when its recipe was written in Jerry Thomas’ The Bartender’s Guide. Over 100 years later, this beloved drink is still a go-to for many whisky lovers.

The Perfect Whisky Sour Recipe

We recommend using an Old Fashioned Tumbler for a classy drink that oozes glamour, with plenty of ice added before you begin pouring. Add two ounces of whisky, one ounce of lemon juice, and ¾ ounces of sugar syrup to a cocktail shaker, along with plenty of ice, and shake. Strain into your glass over more ice, and add a cherry and lemon peel as garnish. Simple, yet very effective.

Which Whisky Is Best for a Whisky Sour?

You’ll find a wide range of preferences when it comes to what type of whisky is best in a Whisky Sour. Rye and bourbon whiskys are the most common choice, however, choose any based on your own preference!.

If you’re making a Whisky Sour for the first time, we recommend a versatile, easy-drinking whisky like Michter’s US*1. A small batch bourbon made to impeccably high standards, there’s an initial sweetness to this whisky that’s followed by rich fruit notes and a kick of spice. In terms of flavour, you can’t go wrong with this all-around crowd-pleaser.

Browse Our Wide Range of Whiskys

If you’re looking to become a cocktail expert or just fancy making a whisky sour for your guests, be sure to browse our wide range of Scotch, American, and Japanese whiskys. Hand-selected for their premium quality, we think these are some of the best spirits in the world. But don’t let us be the judge, try them for yourself and see what you think!

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