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The Urban Bar Story

Leading the industry for the past 40 years

Our History

Urban Bar is a family run business, our origins go back 40 years. My father Richard had been a buyer through the 1970’s with London stores, Heals and Liberty. He left a very enjoyable life (his words) in retail in 1980 to start Andrews-Parke & Co, supplying specialist glassware to a very demanding whisky industry.

The business grew to be a key supplier within the spirit industry. By now I had noticed that it appeared to be a little more fun than the legal profession that I’d just spent 4 years qualifying for. I compared a week visiting distilleries in the Highlands to a London commute and so joined the company in 1996.

In 2002 we formed Urban Bar specifically to produce and sell our own designs and to move away from supplying ‘stock’ glasses (mostly rather ubiquitous and dull). We focused on shapes designed to improve and enhance the drinking experience. Our aim was to produce the right glass for the perfect serve. We are proud to have designed and produced glasses for many of the world’s leading premium Whisk(e)y, Gin, Vodka, Cognac & Rum brands.

In 2017 we opened an office in Rotterdam with friend and colleague Maarten De Kok. Maarten brings many years of experience in both the glassware and spirits industry.

Our Commitment

We work with and take advice from some of the world’s leading spirit experts and mixologists, supplying many international brands,fine bars and hotels on 6 continents. Our range evolves with new trends and directions but continues to be a result of this co-operation and the wealth of experience gained.

As home drinking and entertainment have, by necessity,become more popular in the past year, we’re pleased that we have continued to serve you, our online customers, with premium products that enable a more industry professional experience enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

Our Products

Quality and design are still our first considerations. All our glassware, whether large runs of machine-made tumblers, small runs of hand-made cocktails or individual studio pieces is produced in Europe.Much of our own exclusive bar ware is now made using higher grade Japanese stainless steel for a longer life.

Using well made & pleasing items, many made by highly skilled craftsmen, adds to the enjoyment of making and serving a drink.

Whether you’re quaffing a fine wine or a selected whiskey,be it a Single Malt or an Irish, a Bourbon, dry martini, G&T, Moscow mule,Cuban rum or even sparkling water………they will all look and taste better served in a really nice glass……. preferably one of ours……………

Cheers, Slainthe, Iechyd Da

Nick Andrews

We Offer Three Routes of Supply

B to B Bespoke Development and Production

We work with the world’s leading spirits and drinks brands to develop glass and barware to suit their brand characteristics,decoration requirements, budget, route to market, ultimate use, etc. We have been working with the drinks industry for over 40 years and have accumulated a great deal of skill and experience in hand-made and automatic glassware,design, production and decoration. We offer a complete design service from concept to production.


Supplying the world’s leading hotels and bars with our own glass and barware also  developing new items to compliment the establishment. We either supply direct or through distributors depending on the location and requirement of the end user.

Online Sales

We dispatch to the USA.

You can also access our online store in the UK for UK & EU:

Or for delivery in Asia:

Should you wish to discuss a project or technique of production then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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If you can not find something please send us an email and we will try to help.