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Glass Whisky Water Pipette 6.3 inch

Urban Bar


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An essential addition to Urban Bar Whisky Glasses, the Whisky Water Pipette allows controlled dilution of spirits. Due to the 5mm air hole in the bulb, this water dropper gives the user an ease of use for the perfect drink experience.

How to Use a Whisky Water Dropper

A water dropper gets used in the whisky tasting process, after initial nosing and tasting. The addition of water will release other aromas in the whisky. Use room temperature water where possible to not disrupt the whisky too much. Dip the tip of the glass pipette in to your water and press your finger over the hole in the bulb to hold the water in the tube. When you release your finger from the hole the water will get released. Adjust the pressure of your finger on the hole to control the amount of water you add to your whisky.

Product Features:

  • Water dropper
  • Dilute spirits one drop at a time
  • 5mm hole in bulb for full control
  • Hand wash recommended - see our Product Care page for more information

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