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Bespoke Glass, Barware & Branding

We design, develop, produce and decorate glasses and barware for the world’s leading spirits and drinks brands. We create bespoke shapes to support our clients unique brand identities also offering an extensive range of standard items.

Glassware & Barware Point of Sale

With almost 40 years experience, we are widely regarded as the leading glass and barware POS specialists due to our flexibility, production knowledge and therefore price.

Approved suppliers to the majority of spirits producers.

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Bespoke Branding

Most of our work is in the development of bespoke glass and steel products.

Brands can create their own shape of a glass from as few as 500pcs by hand and 20,000 by machine. A bespoke bar tool can be made for as few as 500pcs.

We can work with brand direction and guide lines to help create designs, renders, sampling and pre-production samples.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve standard products and are innovating and introducing new items regularly throughout the year.

We have an extensive glassware production knowledge, second to none, accordingly our designs and those we produce for our clients often push at the boundaries of what is technically possible.

The products we produce and design are made up to a standard, not down to a price.

The Environment & Sustainability

A Carbon Neutral Company

Our company and all our own label products are carbon neutral to the customer. We can offer this option to any of the products we sell.

Plastic Packaging

We are removing all packaging from our products, offering paper tape, shrink wrap free pallets and truly (non industrial) biodegradable packaging and can offer this option to our b2b customers,

Recycled Glass and Plastic Products

We can supply 100% recycled glasses and up to 50% recycled plastic items.

All the products we make are 100% recyclable.

Image courtesy of Nikka Whiskey.

Food Saftey, Packaging, Global Shipping....

Food Safety

We have in depth knowledge of global food safety requirements from print position to permissible coatings and can also facilitate all required testing.


We can offer individual, retail or bulk packaging to any of our products. It is normally more efficient for us to repack in production than in customers warehouses.

Global Shipping

We ship products all over the world and sometimes distribute to customers markets. This can also save money with preventing double movement of goods.

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