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How to Stir Your Cocktails to Perfection

How to Stir Your Cocktails to Perfection



There are some reasons why you’d stir a cocktail. The most obvious is to mix the separate ingredients together, like in a Gin and Tonic. If you’re not making a layered drink, you need to combine those spirits and mixers somehow!

Stirring also chills and dilutes the drink, letting the ice in the glass work its magic. This can change the mouthfeel and slightly alter the taste, creating a more palatable finish. 

How Long Should a Cocktail Be Stirred? 

In general, a cocktail should be stirred for around thirty minutes. You can, of course, stir for longer, and bartenders will have different lengths for different drinks and palettes. A Martini, for example, is often stirred for upwards of a minute, and some Old Fashioneds can be stirred for five minutes! Just remember that the longer you stir, the more diluted your cocktail will become.

Learn More About How to Make Cocktails

If you’re keen on learning how to make delicious cocktails, you’re in the right place. Our experts at UrbanBar have created a range of online Educational Spirit Courses designed to teach you the ins and outs of mixology. Take a look and start stirring, shaking, and throwing your way to a professional mixologist.

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