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Dress to Impress (The style of a bartender)

Dress to Impress (The style of a bartender)



In cocktail bars, looks matter. From the style of your glasses to the stools that sit by your bar, everything is well thought out and ready to impress! So, it should come as no surprise that the style of a bartender is crucial. Whilst you don’t need to look like James Bond, you do need to dress in a certain way to suit the aesthetic of your bar. 

If you didn’t know that bartenders have a style or need some information on how to dress for cocktail making, here’s everything you need to know!

A Crisp White Shirt

Dressing as a bartender is about looking sharp, smart, and formal. Start your look with a high-quality white shirt, freshly washed and ironed (or steamed) before each shift. Some bars may require different coloured shirts, such as black, which is great for hiding any drinks spills. But, if they don’t specify, then opt for white. It’s a traditional choice for a suave style!

Sharp & Dapper Shirt Stays

Have you ever wondered how a bartender’s shirt stays so neatly tucked in whilst they’re mixing cocktails? Even when throwing the shaker up in the air, the shirt never breaks free of their trousers! The trade secret here is Shirt Stays. These are super handy clips that are worn beneath your trousers and attach to the bottom of your shirt and your socks, keeping everything neatly in place.

Sleeve Garters and Braces

Many bartenders will add sleeve garters and braces to their look for an old-school vibe. Smart and professional, they certainly add a touch of sophistication to a plain white shirt. Braces attach to the trousers and are worn around the shoulders over your shirt, keeping your trousers up and ensuring you always look ready to work. Sleeve garters are worn over your sleeves, allowing you to customise their length for a perfect fit.

To Waistcoat, Or Not To Waistcoat?

Whether or not you wear a waistcoat is up to you and your bar. Some bartenders swear by waistcoats, whilst others prefer sticking to a shirt and braces. A waistcoat does provide some protection against spills for white shirts and is certainly classy, but the shirt and braces have a more rugged, retro feel. Try both and see what suits you.

Black Tailored Trousers

Jeans, chinos, and khakis are a definite no-no in the bartending world! Instead, stick to a pair of tailored black suit trousers. We’d always recommend investing in quality here for a perfect fit and professional finish - trust us, you can tell the difference. 

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