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What's the Best Gin to Give as a Gift?

What's the Best Gin to Give as a Gift?



It’s well-known that Gin is now the most popular spirit in Britain. Outranking vodka, whisky, and rum to take the top spot on bar shelves around the country, we’ve become a nation of Gin lovers! As more and more people turn to G&Ts as their tipple of choice, most of us know someone who can’t get enough of this botanical beverage. So, we thought we’d put together the best gins to give as a present in 2023 for all the gin lovers in your life. 

Cotswolds Dry Gin

Britain is the home of gin, so of course we have a fair few local bottles to talk about! Cotswolds Gin is first on the list, providing a traditional London Dry Gin brewed in the well-known and reputable Cotswolds Distillery. Crafted from 9 botanicals, it’s a fresh, herbal gin with plenty of depth and more flavour than others on offer.

Expect notes of floral juniper, citrus, sweet lavender, and a little kick of cinnamon, supported by black pepper and liquorice. 

Thomas Dakin Gin

Another reliable London Dry, Thomas Dakin is a gin that’s steeped in tradition. Named after the pioneer of premium gin in England, this spirit used to be bottled close to where Dakin distilled his world-famous original gin, though it’s now moved to a wonderful distillery in Manchester. Containing 11 botanicals, it’s a hearty dry that’ll fit into any gin-lovers collection.

Thomas Dakin has fruitier initial notes of orange and grapefruit, with herby undertones of rosemary, and a little spicy cumin. 

Sipsmith Sloe Gin

Moving away from traditional gins, we arrive at Sipmith’s Sloe Gin. The addition of sweet sloe berries adds a wonderful fruitiness to this gin, making this an easier drink than dry gins and perfect for those who prefer to mix their gin with lemonade. Using the distiller’s renowned London Dry Gin as a base, this fruity tipple isn’t one to miss out on! 

Malfy Con Limone

From Sloe Gin, we segway nicely into flavoured gins. Malfy Con Limone is a sweet gin that’s distilled with Italian lemons - including the world-renowned Amalfi lemons - and has a fresh, fragrant taste that’s pleasing on the palette. If your gin lover has a sweet tooth, this is a premium-flavoured gin in a beautiful, front-of-shelf-worthy bottle that’ll make a wonderful present. 

Kyrö Dark Gin

Encourage gin enthusiasts to step out of their comfort zone with this rather unique dark gin, distilled by Finnish distillers Kyrö. Crafted from 100% wholegrain rye, it’s a cask-aged gin that’s complex and carries plenty of depth. With a beautiful golden hue to the bottled spirit, this’ll certainly stand out from other gins on offer! Kyrö’s Dark Gin is distilled for a year in American Oak casks, lending a smoky flavour that compliments notes of sweet cola, liquorice, honey, and vanilla. 

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At UrbanBar, we love gin just as much as the next Brit! So we took plenty of joy in hand-selecting the best gins on the market, including those we’ve mentioned here. For more gin-spiration, be sure to browse the full collection and uncover a whole range of beautiful bottles.

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