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Cocktail Classes with Urban Bar - The World of Gin

Cocktail Classes with Urban Bar - The World of Gin


Today, we’ll run you through three cocktails to have made our list. Hopefully, you’ll end up finding the perfect drink to order, serve, or make at home.


Why a cocktail? Well, because cocktails don’t just come in all shapes and sizes, they also come in a myriad of strengths to suit any occasion.

Today, we’ll run you through three cocktails to have made our list. Hopefully, you’ll end up finding the perfect drink to order, serve, or make at home. 

Today’s selection will be focusing on Gin, but keep your eyes peeled for additional spirits soon.

Light Cocktail - The Ramos Fizz

Light cocktail

First up on our list is the delicious and creamy Ramos Fizz. This cocktail blends several different extracts and flavours, all working together to bring about an easy sipping taste sensation.

Not only is this cocktail easy to drink, but it’s also easy to make.

You’ll want to take the following ingredients: Gin (50ml), Sugar Syrup (35ml), Lime and Lemon Juice (25ml of each), Egg White (25ml), Cream (75ml) and finally Vanilla Extract (2 drops), and mix them all using a shaker - no ice needed yet. The best way to measure if you don’t want to overpour? With one of our jiggers of course!

You’ll find yourself shaking a lot during this cocktail creation but it is key. Making sure that everything is blended together is crucial to ensure that the flavour and texture of this drink carry all the way through.

Once you’re confident that everything has been well shaken (not stirred), fill your shaker to the brim with large cubes of ice (not crushed) and then shake again until you have heavy condensation grasping at the sides.

Finish making the drink by straining it into a highball glass and adding soda water, making sure you fill right to the top. If you’re feeling fancy, garnish with an orange, and enjoy!

Medium Cocktail - Luigi

Medium cocktail

Next up, Luigi, a smashing fellow who is always game for a good night out. Joking aside, this classic martini cocktail is sure to provide you with some good times, so let’s crack on!

Following a slightly different process than the Ramos Fizz, you’ll want to be using a mixing glass and stirrer for this cocktail, but a shaker should work just as well if you would prefer. 

Begin by filling your mixer with ice and then add the following ingredients: Grenadine (12.5ml), Orange Juice (12.5ml), Cointreau (1 dash), Dry Vermouth (12.5ml parts), and finally Gin (50ml). 

There is no rush whilst stirring your cocktail! Take your time, give all of the liquid time to blend together to create a true masterpiece. Once you’re happy with the overall colour (which should be a deep orange that lightens towards the surface) you can get to the fun part!

Strain your creation into a cocktail glass, our suggestion of course would be a classic martini or coupe glass. To finish, garnish with orange peel which should sit on top and spiral out. Bellissimo.

Strong Cocktail - The Fitzgerald

Strong cocktail

Now that we’ve had our fun, this next cocktail is direct and to the point - it will certainly pack a punch!

For this, our hard-hitting cocktail of the day, you’ll need the following ingredients: Gin (75ml), Angostura Bitters (2 Dashes), Lemon Juice (25ml), and a must have for true mixologists,  Sugar Syrup (25ml).

Retreating back to the safety of the cocktail shaker, start by filling it with ice before adding your sugar syrup, lemon juice, and gin of choice. Ensure that you shake until you notice and feel that heavy condensation we talked about earlier.

Once completed, single strain into a short glass; something like this old fashioned tumbler is perfect. Be sure to add those 2 dashes of bitters which balance the sweet and sour  flavours then finish it all off with a lemon wedge to garnish.

So, there you have it, three gin cocktails for you to try your hand at while entertaining at home, serve to your customers, or even order when you next visit a cocktail bar.  Perhaps this has got you thinking about other cocktails and creations to try? Well, rather than waiting for our next cocktail making post, you can view our expertly crafted masterclasses here

Perhaps you’d like to turn this into a passion? We’ll be releasing another blog soon about the equipment you’ll need at home, so keep your eyes peeled!

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