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Classico Barware

Classico Barware



If you’ve been following Urban Bar for some time, you’ll know we’re barware enthusiasts. From crystal glasses to silver jiggers, we love the finer things in the bartending world. So, when we had the opportunity to team up with Giancarlo Mancino, a prestigious bartender, and entrepreneur, we didn’t even consider saying no! Now, we present to you the Classico Barware collection, bringing the finest mixology tools to your bar tables. 

Classico da Giancarlo Mancino

Giancarlo Mancino is an Italian and calls the beautiful town of Pignola his home. However, his roots extend far beyond Italy! He’s a certified globe-trotter, exploring the whole world to uncover the very best in cocktails and mixology. 

The Classico Barware range is put together for Mancino, in homage to his pursuit of excellence. We wanted each piece to encapsulate a simple beauty. No frills, but traditional barware is done right and crafted to the highest standards. Each tool is handmade and presented in a sophisticated black buckram gift box, complete with black satin lining for a luxurious finish.

Classico Cocktail Shakers

We have two different cocktail shaker designs in the Classico range, both in two different sizes (1 pint or 1.5 pints). Silver-plated and minimal, these shakers have a traditional, elegant look. The Tin-on-Tin Cocktail Shaker is a popular choice for bartenders and is particularly good at temperature control. The Cobbler Cocktail Shaker is better for beginners and an all-around great choice, regardless of the drink you’re mixing. 

Classico Cocktail Jigger

Cocktail jiggers are used to measure and pour alcohol measures. They have two ends for two different measures. Our Steel Hammer Jigger is a 25m/50ml configuration and has a black pearlised handle for easier pouring. With a vintage aesthetic, it’s the preference amongst old-school bartenders and makes for a beautiful gift. The Vintage Jigger is a more classic style, with a straightforward design that’s more common, and 30ml/60ml measures.

Classico Cocktail Strainers

We’ve included three cocktail strainers in our Classico Range, giving you plenty of options to match your mixology preferences. The Classico Fine Mesh Strainer is designed to be used separately from the cocktail shakers and is held over the glass instead. High-grade stainless steel and a gorgeous black pearlised handle create a simple yet sophisticated strainer, whilst the fine mesh creates smooth drinks. 

The last two strainers are designed to be used with your cocktails shakers, creating an all-in-one system for easy pouring. The no-eared, internal-fitting Hawthorne Strainer has a neoclassical clip and will fit securely on a Boston tin or glass, whilst the twin-eared surface-fitting Hawthorne Strainer will sit on the rim. 

Classico Bar Spoons

Every bartender or cocktail enthusiast needs their own bar spoon. In our Classico range, we’ve included two designs. The Stainless Steel Bar Spoon has a classic twisted stem and is capped with a black pearlised handle for quiet elegance. The Silver-Plated Bar Spoon has a beautiful scallop head which was popular during the late 19th century and early 20th century, breathing life back into a vintage style.

Classico Mixing Glass

Our Classico Barware range is completed with our Tall 85cl Mixing Glass, which is the epitome of elegance. Crafted from premium glass, the diamond cut refracts light and adds a refined aesthetic for a serious bartender. Pair with a bar spoon for the perfect mixology gift 

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If you’ve enjoyed learning about our Classico Barware, be sure to explore more at Urban Bar and uncover our wide selection of high-quality barware. If you have any questions about the products mentioned here, feel free to get in touch with our team. 

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