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7 Best Gin Glasses For Every Occasion

7 Best Gin Glasses For Every Occasion



Long gone are the days when the only way to enjoy gin was with bland tonic water and a shrivelled slice of lemon. As gin-mania continues to grip the globe, the classic G&T has become infinitely more refined and innovative.

In line with the development of the gin category, the glassware used to showcase the many gin-based serves has also evolved. But too often, a delicious drink is let down by the vessel it is poured into. In today’s age of high-end bartending and exalted spirit production, glassware should reflect the quality ingredients and expert craftsmanship behind the liquid itself.

Using the best glassware elevates your beverage to another level, and there are now many different high-quality vessels that are suited to particular occasions and styles of gin drinks.

Whether you’re a bartender looking to create an exquisite gin offering, or an amateur mixologist looking to create premium drinking experiences at home, having the correct glassware is an all-important consideration. Not only can the right glass create an elegant-looking drink, it can also elevate the aromas, flavours, and textures of the liquid inside.

Each style of glass produces a different gin-drinking experience, so it’s essential for drinks professionals and enthusiasts alike to understand which vessels are most suited to particular drinks and occasions.

At Urban Bar, we have specialised in creating bespoke glassware and barware for the food and drink industry for more than 40 years. We also cater for the home retail market, meaning you can buy our range of superb gin glasses online for fast delivery to your home.

Read more about our various styles of gin glasses and how to use them below.


The Balloon

The copa de balon (or balloon) glass originated in Spain, where G&Ts are part and parcel of the country’s al fresco drinking and dining culture. However, these bulbous vessels have now become highly fashionable around the world, lauded for their stylish and functional attributes.

Their spherical shape opens up the aroma of the drink, allowing the delicate botanical flavours of the gin to shine. Why are gin glasses so large? The large bowl of the glass also holds heaps ice and garnishes – ideal for those who prefer a more extravagant finish. Meanwhile, their long stems mean hands will not warm the ice-cold beverage.

Our Gin Balloon Mixer Glass, with its elegant tapered stem and large bowl, is perfect for such cocktails. For a more premium option, our stunning Gin Balloon Lead-Free Crystal Glass provides a high level of clarity that can withstand industrial glass-washer cycles. Exemplifying strength and beauty, the thin-walled bowl of the glass enhances its sophistication, while remaining chip-resistant.

From our vintage-inspired 1910 range, our 1910 Gin Balloon Glass is also made from lead-free crystal, and features an intricately etched pattern evocative of Lady Hamilton Pall Mall glassware from the early 20th century. This glass will give an antique twist to modern gin drinks.


The Highball

The Highball is perhaps the most popular form of gin glassware, with its simple, sleek design. Whether made from cut, etched or smooth glass, this timeless classic is a must-have in any collection of barware.

The vessel’s tall, thin shape allows the drink to maintain its effervescence and coolness for longer, making it great for any long sparkling gin serve. It’s perfect for those who prefer their gin and tonics to have an uncluttered taste profile, without too many garnishes.

Within the highball family, there are a number of different styles to choose from. For instance, there’s our Ginza Tall Cuts Highball Glass, featuring a cut-glass diamond pattern that gives your drink a luxurious feel.

For a fun alternative, try our Tattoo Highball Glass, which with its tattoo-themed etched pattern will give your drink a tiki twist.

Ideal for those who prefer a less-dainty, weightier design, there’s our Ice Mixer Highball Glass, featuring a heavy solid glass base that looks as equally stunning on a bar top or coffee table.



The Tumbler

Tumbler glasses are most commonly associated with dark spirits and short whisky cocktails, but we have taken this classic style and reconfigured it for the modern gin drinker.

Our Gin Balloon Tumbler is a stemless version of the balloon glass, combining the best assets of both the tumbler and copa styles.

The short stature of the vessel gives the illusion that it is an almost completely spherical bowl, providing ample space for heaps of ice and garnishes. Meanwhile, the smooth, curved shape of the glass means it sits comfortably in your hand and is easy to drink form.

This particular glassware is suited to all manner of gin cocktails – from brambles and cobblers to sours and negronis. In particular, it works well in low-tempo occasions where drinkers are sipping and savouring.


Don’t forget…

Our team at Urban Bar can not only supply you with beautiful gin glasses to complement your range of drinks, but for commercial customers, we also offer bespoke branding and the ability to choose your own shape of glass to create your own brand identity.

We can work with you on your design and create from as few as 500pcs by hand and 20,000 by machine. With our extensive glassware production knowledge, you can have a gin glass that has customised to your exact needs and specifications.

Find out more about our Bespoke Glassware, Barware & B2B Branding services.

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