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How to Care for Plastic Drinkware

Learn how to clean plastic drinking glasses and drinkware to increase their lifespan. Not looking after your plasticware can lead to unsightly cloudy cups. Make sure you get the most out of your plastic drinkware by learning how to clean plastic drinking glasses properly. Prevention is better than cure.

Dishwasher Safe

All Urban Bar plasticware is dishwasher safe. Our plastic glassware and plastic jugs are made from either polycarbonate, SAN, or Tritan. Each of these materials can withstand cleaning in dishwashers and glasswashers.

Detergent for Cleaning Plastic

We always recommend using good quality detergent in your dishwasher that is designed for plastics.

Hard Water

Hard water areas will find a more regular of a build up of limescale on plastic drinkware. To help remove this and bring back the clarity of your cups use household bleach. Fill a bowl of warm water and add a dash of bleach. Soak the plastics in the solution, and wash thoroughly afterwards.

Hand Washing Plastic

  • Wash in warm soapy water
  • Use a soft cloth or sponge - abrasive cloths will scratch the plastic, creating traps for dirt and grease
  • Leave to air dry - drying cloths can retain grease and breed germs

Resin Identification Code

Knowing your plastics will give you a better idea of how to clean them. Most plastic drinkware includes the resin ID code symbol on the item itself. If the item does not have the symbol, please refer to the product description which should detail the material.

resin symbols

All plastics are "disposable" in the sense that they are recyclable. The ID code identifies which recyclable category to place the item in. If a manufacturer lists an item as ""disposable"" this will usually refer to the fact that the item can not withstand washing. Disposable plastic cups are most often made from Polypropylene (PP, 5), or Polystyrene (PS, 6). These materials are more pliable than other plastics. This makes them ideal for making thin, lightweight cups. Because of this thin finish, PP and PS can't withstand warm temperatures, so are not recommended for washing. All other resin ID codes produce rigid plastic cups, designed to rival glass. As such, these stronger materials are suitable for washing and reusing.

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