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Caring for crystal glassware

Caring for crystal glassware



Crystal glass boasts a higher level of clarity and durability over standard soda-lime. In washing, crystal doesn't differ from soda-lime glass at all. Crystal can withstand the same washing regime as other glassware. See our Glassware Care page for full details on caring for your glassware.

Washing crystal glasses

All our crystal glassware is dishwasher safe, but we always recommend hand washing to increase the lifespan of your crystal. This is particularly important with crystal glass which has greater clarity than normal glass. This high level of transparency is beneficial to drink tastings. Colour is a judging factor of wine and whisky, hence a clearer glass gives a more accurate representation of the contents. Always wash new glasses before first use.

Washing by hand

  • Wash each glass separately by hand
  • Soak glasses individually to avoid mechanical shock
  • Use warm soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth

Washing in a dishwasher

  • Use a dedicated machine for glassware
  • Set a low temperature on your glasswasher
  • Use a dedicated glass rack; never use a flatware rack or plate rack
  • Keep rinse aid topped up

Drying crystal glassware

  • Air dry glasses crystal glasses - drying cloths can spread grease and dirt and germs
  • Leave glasses in an upturned position
  • Use a soft dry glass cloth to remove water marks - this retains the clarity of glassware

Follow these simple tips to clean crystal glasses and see your glassware last even longer.

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